Advertise Accommodation Up Front Payment

Advertise Accommodation Up Front Payment

Advertise your child friendly holiday accommodation the simple way with our up front payment advertising option.

Here at Love Family Holidays, our goal is to ensure we can include as many child friendly properties on our website as possible. We hope to do this by making our advertising rates affordable for all accommodation owners, and as such, you won’t find over-inflated prices on our site.

Our visitors are largely those with young children seeking genuinely child friendly holiday accommodation around the globe. We check each property individually and confirm with the owners that their family friendly claims are true. This ensures only the very best accommodation for families with kids makes it on to our site.

Our advertising rates for 1 year are currently £29.99 per property, when contributing your own content.
There are 2 additional options when listing your accommodation with us for an up front cost;
1. Let us write your description for you

In order for us to write your description, we will need the location of the accommodation, a list of facilities it offers and up to 3 images. We can take this information from information already on the internet if it is available, but we will need your permission to use the images, or some original ones sending our way.

We won’t be able to use copy and pasted content from other accommodation websites (Google would hate us for it!), so this is why we have to write a unique article about your accommodation, focusing on the aspects of the accommodation and it’s surroundings which are particularly child friendly.

The cost for us to write this content for your listing is currently £14.99 (one time payment, making the initial cost of a 1 year listing £44.99 and each year thereafter £29.99)

2. Write the description yourself

Why not spend an hour and write your description yourself? Who better to add the all important details of that hidden climbing tree down the lane, or the stash of board games hidden in the cupboard? We believe the best articles are written by the owner. After all, no one knows your accommodation like you do!

To write your own content, simply submit the form below to start the process off. We will tell you everything you need to know to get the ball rolling.

So what are you waiting for? Reach families across the UK looking for child friendly holiday accommodation like yours – fill in the form below to begin the process!

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Want to list for free and only pay commission on bookings? No problem! Select our commission only option instead!