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The Eden Project Review
Image 29th August 2017 LFH Family Travel Blog admin

Last week, our family of 4 (kids aged 10 and 13) were lucky enough to be able to visit The Eden Project in Par, Cornwall. The Eden Project can certainly be classed as an educational day out; both the kids and adults learnt lots about not only plants but the environment in general. It was

The Discovery Cove Reviews are True! It’s a must visit Orlando Attraction!
Image 25th May 2016 LFH Family Travel Blog admin

Do believe the hype of the Discovery Cove Reviews! They’re all true! Anyone who knows of Orlando, Florida, (and let’s face it who hasn’t heard of this place?) knows the most famous attraction of all in the area is of course Walt Disney World! But perhaps you’ll be surprised when you check on TripAdvisor and

Belton House Adventure Playground | Days Out With Kids
Image 14th May 2016 LFH Family Travel Blog admin

If you’re on the look out for the mother of all adventure playgrounds in the East Midlands, you can’t go far wrong with a trip to Belton House adventure playground! Located in Grantham, Belton House adventure playground is pretty huge and well worth a visit on a warm sunny day when the kids need to

Sherwood Forest Country Park with the kids. Robin Hood’s land!
Image 5th April 2016 LFH Family Travel Blog admin

Sherwood Forest is world-famous for Robin Hood. From Disney World to Hollywood you’ll find mentions of the guy from Nottingham who ‘stole from the rich to give to the poor’ But what’s his home land like these days? Well, a lot smaller for a start. Whereas Nottingham (or Snottingham as it used to be known)