The Park Royal QHotel in Warrington

The Park Royal QHotel in Warrington
8th November 2018 No Comments LFH Family Travel Blog Sally

Last weekend, our family of 4 took a trip over to Warrington in Cheshire, staying in the 4-star Qhotel The Park Royal.

With a 14-year-old teenager and a 12-year-old too, it can be hard work to keep them both happy (and cooperative) all of the time, but I can honestly say, this weekend was the exception to the rule thanks to the amazingly chilled out atmosphere at this wonderful hotel.

When I say ‘chilled out’, I don’t mean boring! There’s plenty to keep the kids busy here with a large indoor heated swimming pool and daily activities available for kids of all ages.

The pool

The pool was the biggest hit with our kids entertainment-wise. They always love a chance to play about in a pool, and they got plenty of opportunity to do so at the Park Royal.

“In the pool, I played dobby with my brother. I liked how the pool was long and has a small section for people who just wanted to swim lengths. Also, the water was really clear, so I went underwater a lot.” – Ella

Despite the fact the hotel also doubles up as a spa, there are family friendly hours (9-12 and 3-7pm), where the kids are more than welcome to have a splash and make all the noise kids make when they’re having fun – so don’t worry, you won’t spend all your time trying to keep them quiet for fear of disturbing the spa guests!

“In the pool, we raced each other from one end of the pool to the other.” – Oliver

The spa staff are lovely and can’t do enough to help you. The changing rooms are spotlessly clean, there’s shampoo in all the showers, complimentary hairdryers and straighteners, clean fluffy towels and the absolute highlight of the changing room has to be the swimming costume spinner! We were all very impressed by its magical ability to make our costumes almost completely dry in less than 10 seconds flat!

“I liked the spinny drying thing in the changing rooms because I had never seen one before and it was easier than drying it by hand or in a washing machine that takes ages. I also liked how we could just go to the pool anytime in the kids time and they would give us towels instead of us having to bring our own.” – Ella

Other fun stuff to do at The Park Royal

My kids are in their teens/approaching their teens now, so they’re getting a little old for colouring, but that didn’t stop them from having a brilliant time at The Park Royal.

There’s a children’s check in desk next to the main reception, which allows kids to do their own ‘check in’ and list all their favourite things to eat, drink and do (all while sipping on complimentary juice). The hotel uses this information to help the staff to make your kids visit even better.

Next to the kids check in desk is the list of this week’s available activities for kids to do. They range from pizza making to gingerbread decorating and everything in between. Plus, every night at 5pm there’s a family friendly film shown in the Marbury room.

The rooms

We stayed in 2 interconnecting king executive rooms, which was absolutely perfect for us. It meant the kids had their own bedroom (with their own single beds – absolutely vital for Oliver’s sanity after several holidays where he’s had to make do with a sofa bed, or top and tail in a double with Ella!).

They also had their own en-suite bathroom. We only have one in our entire house – The kids have never been so pampered!

Not having to share a toilet and shower made everything so easy, and so much faster. Usually, there’s a queue (especially with Ella taking 30 minutes in the shower on a good day).

“I liked how we got two different rooms with an ensuite and a TV. I liked at night when we would just lie down and relax and play on our Nintendo Switches. I also liked the programs on TV because there were films for different ages. I liked the balconies because where ours was you could see all of the trees and stuff too. There was a car park with Tesla car charging ports, but we didn’t have a chargeable car sadly.” – Ella

They took their Nintendo switches with them and hooked one of them up to the TV in their room. This meant they could play games together, and we could watch films on our own TV in our bedroom (something we’ve not really had a chance to do in a long time).

The room had some lovely little extras included:

Fluffy bathrobes for all of us

Complimentary crisps and bottles of J20 for the kids

And delicious truffles!

Complimentary still and sparkling water for us all

And lots of nice smelling toilettries!

The beds were comfy, the heating warm, the blackout curtains did their job very well, and there was no noise from the road at all with the windows closed.

We had a fridge, which came in handy to keep our drinks cool in

A selection of nice teas, coffees and biscuits every day

We even had a balcony each with amazing views!

The rooms and bathrooms were totally spotlessly clean, as was the rest of the hotel. It certainly deserves it’s 4 star rating, although we all agreed we would give it a firm 5!

“I liked the room’s comfy beds and the TV which had multiple good channels.” – Oliver

The food

Evening dinner

As a family, we love food. But we don’t often sit down for a three-course meal together. At The Park Royal, this is exactly what we did get to do, and it was amazing!

“The restaurant was great and the food was really good, I liked how well it was presented.” – Oliver

The staff were so friendly and attentive. They had plenty of patience while we all took forever to decide what to order. They even took a photo of us all together (we didn’t even have to ask).

As part of our room deal, we adults each got a £28 allowance to choose whatever dishes we fancied from a choice of 3 menus. The kids also had a 3-course meal menu to choose from (usually priced at £10 for 2).  I was slightly worried that the portions wouldn’t be large enough to satisfy Oliver’s huge appetite, but I needn’t have worried. There was plenty of food for them both.

Both kids are vegetarian, but with pizza and macaroni cheese on the menu, they were more than happy. For adults, there was lots of choice too. I’m a vegetarian, and my husband’s not. We both really enjoyed the variety.

Oliver had “The best soup he’s ever tasted” which was sweet potato and carrot, and I had the best mushroom risotto I’ve ever had. It’s definitely a restaurant of ‘best ever meals’!

It wasn’t just the food which was great, the atmosphere was too. For the first time in months, we found ourselves slowing down and talking properly over a meal. The kids left their phones alone and we just really enjoyed each other’s company. When you have 2 teens, that’s not something that’s easy to achieve, but we were all so relaxed at this hotel, it actually happened.

In fact, we loved the food and the atmosphere so much, it’s inspired us all to take up cooking now we’re home – we plan to team up into 2’s and take turns making each other 3 course meals every couple of weeks. Whether we can cook as well as The Park Royal chef remains to be seen!

“I liked the tortilla chips and cheese, the pizza, the doughnuts and the chocolate brownies off the kid’s menu. I also liked how we got starters, mains and desserts.” – Ella

It was my birthday the day before, and at the end of the meal, I was bought a plate of mini desserts for all 4 of us with ‘Happy Birthday’ written in chocolate. None of us organised this – it was a complete surprise by the staff and such a lovely, special end to the evening.


Breakfast is a grand affair at The Park Royal, with a huge buffet of hot and cold food, and as much juice, tea or coffee as you can drink.

Thanks to the huge variety of foods on offer at the buffet, the kids were able to try out new things.

Ella was particularly impressed when she realised how well brie and honey went together (and in fact, everything with honey!), and Oliver managed to eat enough to feed a horse. I was more excited than anyone to find Frosties on offer (we don’t keep them in the house and only let the kids have sugary cereals on holiday, so this was perfect!). Sadly, I ate so much other tasty food, I couldn’t fit them in at the end. Must try harder.

Little extras which make the hotel special for kids

We returned to our bedroom after dinner on the first night to find complimentary milk and cookies in the kid’s bedroom! Another little touch we never actually expected – which made it all the more exciting!

Places to visit nearby

We only visited for 2 nights, but there’s so much to do in the area, you’ll never be bored.

Whether you want a full day out at Liverpool or Manchester, a low-cost day out at Walton park with a round of mini golf, or a trip to Chester zoo, there’s plenty to do to keep the kids entertained.

Here are a few more local attractions to consider:

Blueplanet aquarium

Chill Factore

Go Ape at Delamere Forest

TruNinja adventure park

Team sport go-karting

Legoland and Sealife at the Trafford Centre

“I liked Warrington because it had a lot of different activities around for kids of all ages. I liked the zoo at Walton House. When we left Warrington we went to the Sea Life Centre in Manchester. That was good because there were a lot of different types of sea creatures and we even got to stroke starfish and shrimp.” – Ella

“I liked Walton house when we went, we played crazy golf.” – Oliver

The verdict

Would I recommend The Park Royal to other families visiting the area? Absolutely, yes I would. There’s literally nothing I can think of that I didn’t like about this hotel. I left it feeling like a wave of calm had come over me, even though I’d not had any of the spa treatments!

All in all, we had a lovely, chilled out weekend away and I can’t praise the staff highly enough for their kindness and attention to detail both in the restaurant and throughout the hotel as a whole during our stay.

“I liked how it had lots of kids activities, and a lady named Laura gave us milk and cookies one night and they were delicious. There was this conservatory corridor thing as well and it was really nice to walk through at night because it was quiet and you could see the stars.” – Ella

“I really liked how neat and tidy everything in the hotel was.” – Oliver

If I visit the area again, with or without kids, I will book this hotel. And even if I need a hotel elsewhere, I will definitely look out for a QHotel in the area, because if this one’s anything to go by, they’re pretty amazing!

Take a look at the availability for the Park Royal now >>


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Disclosure: Our family received a complimentary stay to allow us to review this hotel.

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